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Positive Steps Inspection Report 2014

Positive Steps had it’s inspection in January. This report represents our assessment of the quality of how well we have done as a service. You can access this report from our guides section or via Care Inspectorate Site

Here are some of the quotes from the report. It’s reflects on how well the Staff at Positive Steps have contiuned to improve the quality of service we provide.

The service provides an excellent level of support to people who need a housing support service. This was seen to be flexible and responsive to the needs of individual service users who said that they felt the service supported them to live a healthier and safer lifestyle.

We could see that staff encouraged service users to be fully involved in the development of their service, and to have the opportunity to be involved in the development of the service as a whole.

We sampled some service users’ files and could see from minutes of review meetings that these were held at appropriate intervals, and that service users were encouraged to lead the discussions.

The service had developed an exit questionnaire for people who no longer wished to or needed to use the service. Staff encouraged service users to complete these forms and, although not everyone took this opportunity, feedback to the service had been positive and people who used the service stated that they had appreciated the support provided by staff.



Good News Stories

Positive Steps would like to share the highlights of the great work we do, stories and good news about our service users. This page will show you the impact of our service and how we work together with the service users. Help encourage them to become more independent and confident with dealing with day to day problems.

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